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iPad2 Winners

iPad2 Winners

To win the iPad2 Bonus a Brand Partner must earn the rank of Director within their first 60 Days.  See the Compensation Plan for more details or watch this compensation overview video







Other Members who have also qualified for their iPad2 and not yet received it and or submitted their pictures.

Heather Angeline
Clarence Thomas
Sharon Dalton
Melinda Campbell
Mandi Pickens
Kara Campbell
Liz Crabtree
Tracie Tachovsky
Mo Coldwell
Barbara Combs
Tonia Blishak
Debi Freeman
Gina Levy
Yvonne Scott
Scott Cursey
Mirjam Holt
John Fazio
Sheila Johnson
Renee Oltman
Richard Correale
Kathy Grabar
Nikki Jones
Liya Trotsyuk
Sheri Covert
Heidi Seastrand
Jan Trojan
Naomi  Grabar-Raber
Jacalyn Sotello
Mike Spangler
Chris Kelly
Victoria Krombout
Michelle Lewis

Advancing to Director in 60 days got Joanie an iPad2

Congrats Joanie

Nerium International Brand Partner Richard earns an iPad2

Congrats Richard!


Nerium International gives Cody a free iPad for qualifying for Director in 60 days

Congratulations Cody!

Nerium International Director iPad2 winner Tiffany

Congrats Tiffany!

Congrats Rebecca!


Congrats Sue!

Congrats Suzette!